A game about finding true love. 

TURN SOUND ON  for some good juice.

Use A/D  or left/right arrow to rotate, click to select a soulmate.

Then run.



This is a love simulator, where you are given the choice of potential matches and have to select the right one.  Once you find the "right one" you are taken to an arena where you see your match disappear and a dragon appears behind you, which you must survive to win with nothing to defend yourself. All of those you turned down in the first stage come back to watch you in the stands as you struggle for your life.

While many players have drawn a parallel between the first stage and mobile dating apps, that is not the basis for my experience but rather a means by which to express it through a point of reference that is relatable to my target audience that is well-grounded in modernity and technology. It is meant to be an abstract representation of how futile finding true or authentic love is. While this may seem like a pessimistic outlook, this is an accurate representation of me and my beliefs.

I enjoyed stripping away most of the mechanics or "game-y" aspects of a typical experience and limiting the initial scene to a selection of  your soulmate with minimal engagement, allowing the user to focus on the bio for whichever potential match they were looking at. I enjoyed collecting the bio data, which is actual data crowd-sourced from mobile dating apps anonymously (with permission, of course). I also enjoyed designing around an aesthetic, which the sound highly contributed to creating in the first scene. I found it difficult to program an AI dragon to attack the player, and if I had more time I would fine-tune the combat scene to better mimic the message conveyed in the first scene. 

Published Oct 24, 2017

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