A downloadable game

murdAR is an AR murder-mystery experience where players must search for clues and interact with objects to solve the mystery of how a scientist was murdered. 

Designed for the Narrative in AR Studio at the NYU Game Center, murdAR was created using marker-based AR technology in Unity and Vuforia. The experience was mapped to the floor layout of the NYU Game Center.

Players started at the scene of a crime and searched the floor to interact with clues, which were represented by both markers and real-life objects. Some objects, such as the scientist's journal or messages left in blood stains on the wall, could only be seen using the AR lens on the player's device, making the device a portal through which users could interact with the world and understand it beyond what they could see. By walking around the floor to different areas, players explored their real-world surroundings to piece together clues, find solutions to questions and solve the mystery of how the scientist was murdered.

Beyond Unity and Vuforia, a number of tools were used to create murdAR. Cameras and lighting set-ups were used to create a video which players found throughout the game, which was edited and composited using Premiere. Blender was used to create 3D models found throughout the game, and Tilt Brush was used to create the words found in blood on the wall.